Canadian Employment – August 2017

Statistics Canada reports that Canada’s unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 9 years! The unemployment rate dropped from 6.3% to 6.2% this August.

canadian employment

Canadian Employment

August was a big month for Canadian jobs as it saw the 9th straight month of job gains and marked the economy’s longest monthly growth streak since 2008.

The increase in jobs this August came from the creation of 110,400 new part-time jobs across Canada. Ontario saw the highest increase, adding 31,100 new jobs.  up-arrow-2382831_960_720

Part-time Work

The biggest benefactors of these part-time jobs are workers aged 55+. 48,100 workers over the age of 55 gained employment in August. These numbers indicate that older workers are turning to part-time jobs as opposed to leaving the workplace entirely.

Full-time Work

Full-time work, however, saw the opposite statistics. There was a decline of 88,100 full-time positions in the month of August. The majority of these positions were held by workers aged 15-24.

But don’t panic yet, full-time positions are still on the rise overall. 60% of jobs created within the last year have been full-time positions.

What Does this Mean for Wages?

Canada saw an increase in wages in August as well. There was a 1.8% overall wage increase with the average Canadian’s wage boosted to $25.93.

Are you looking for work in Ontario?

The majority of the 31,100 jobs created in Ontario in August were in the insurance, real estate, transportation, and warehousing industries.

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