Canada Road Safety Week – May 15th-21st

This week, May 15th-21st, is Canada Road Safety Week! This initiative is led by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police’s Traffic Safety Committee. 

Canada Road Safety Week

The purpose of Road Safety Week is to increase public compliance with safe driving measures in order to save lives and reduce injuries on the road. This week is part of Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2025 which aims to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

As you may know, Breakaway Staffing employs many drivers and we are dedicated to doing our part to ensure our drivers are safe on the road and are encouraging all other drivers to be safe and cautious when driving, which is why we are dedicating today’s blog post to shining light on this week long initiative.

The theme for the 2018 campaign is: Taking the “D” out of “D”riving and each day is dedicated to a different road safety risk factor:

  • Day 1 – May 15th: Launch of Canada Road Safety Week
  • Day 2 – May 16th: Don’t Drive Drunk: Alcohol-Impaired driving
  • Day 3 – May 17th: Don’t Drive Drowsy: Fatigue-Impaired driving’
  • Day 4 – May 18th: Don’t Drive Distracted: Distracted driving
  • Day 5 – May 19th: Don’t Drive Drugged: Drug-Impaired driving
  • Day 6 – May 20th: Don’t Drive Dangerously: Aggressive driving
  • Day 7 – May 21st:  Don’t Drive Detached: Occupant restraint use
A few facts to consider about the safety of Canada’s roads:
  • In 2016, the number of motor vehicle fatalities in Canada was 1,898, up 2% from 2015 (1,860)
  • Each year in Canada, about 2,000 people are killed and 165,000 are injured, (10,000 seriously) while using our road transportation system and costs society $37 billion (2.2% of Canadian GDP) annually
  • A drug-impaired driving offence occurs every 3 hours in Canada each day
  • 27% of fatalities and 19% of serious injuries involve speeding
  • When you drive distracted, you increase your crash risk by 500%
  • 60% of Canadian drivers admitted that they occasionally drove while fatigued and 15% admitted that they had fallen asleep while driving during the past year
  • Canada is one of the first countries in the world to adopt a national road safety strategy
  • Research indicates that a 1% reduction in speed results in reducing the likelihood of a fatal collision by 5%.

We can all work together to take responsibility for driving safely and help to reduce injuries on our roads.

For more information on Canada Road Safety Week click here.