6 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before a Job Interview

Almost all of us get nervous before a job interview. Interviews are a crucial part of the job search process where you have to convince the employer that you’re the one they should hire – the pressure can be nerve-wracking! It’s easy to become overwhelmed and nervous on the days leading up to your interview, but don’t worry! Below are 6 tips to help calm your nerves before a job interview.

calm your nerves

6 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before a Job Interview


The best way to push aside nerves is to be prepared for your interview. In preparing for a job interview make sure you know your resume and your answers to common interview questions (see #2) as well as knowing information about the company. Knowing the company’s history and achievements, what they do/sell, their clients,  and their major projects can go a long way in an interview. You can use this information to tell the hiring manager what you can bring to their company as well as get a good feel for company culture.


Rehearsing your answers to common interview questions is an easy way to calm your nerves. Having information ready in order to answer common interview questions will help guide you through any question the interviewer may ask.

The best way to rehearse is to think of facts instead of exact, written out answers. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, and have anecdotes of good jobs/projects, bad jobs/projects, and your strong leadership abilities you’ll be able to apply those examples to any interview question, no matter what the exact question is that the interviewer asks you.

Scope Everything Out

Another way to rid yourself of pre-interview jitters is to plan your arrival. If you have time, try to visit the company’s location before your actual interview day. Knowing exactly where you’re going, which route to take, where to park, and where to enter the building can be great nerve relievers.

Plan the Night Before

Plan your interview outfit, resume, and any additional materials you may need for the interview the night before. Rushing around to gather your materials the day of your interview will only put more stress on the situation and heighten your nerves. Knowing that everything is ready and in place can work wonders for your nerves. Having everything ready the night before can also help you sleep better in addition to allowing you more time the day of the interview for….

…Doing Something That Relaxes You

Before your interview try doing something that relaxes you. Whether this is listening to your favourite song, taking a walk, or doing one of your hobbies, this activity will help to calm your nerves and relax you, as if it was just a regular day.

Think of the Interview as a Halfway Point

The hiring manager has already asked you to come in for an interview – this means that your resume is good enough to get you in the door. Your resume speaks for itself, use the interview as an opportunity to give the interviewer an good idea of who you are and what you can bring to their team. The company is already in the frame of mind to hire you – all you have to do is confirm to them that they should.

Still nervous the day of the interview?

Try The Guardian’s ’10 Weird Ways to Beat Interview Nerves’ or this type of music – according to Mic.com.