5 Benefits of Using Breakaway Staffing Solutions

If you’re currently job seeking than you know there are many outlets available to help you find work. It can be difficult to decide which way will work the best for you. We’re here to tell you there is a simple way to find a new job quickly and effectively!

Using an employment agency like us can help ease your mind and can be incredibly efficient way of finding long-term work within your chosen industry.

Breakaway Staffing

Here are 5 reasons why Breakaway Staffing is the right choice to help you find your next job:

1. We can shop around your skills

If you have great skills in a certain field we are able to present you to our clients and promote you as a great asset to their company. We are another outlet that can speak directly with the hiring manager to tell them how great you are!

2. We have great relationships with our clients

This goes hand-in-hand with #1. We are able to find you a job that works for you because we have a long standing relationship with our clients. We know which clients will hire on our associates, which have the best opportunities for growth, and which companies are just fantastic to work for!

But don’t forget….

3. We work for you

Our purpose is to find you work. When you come to Breakaway Staffing we will work hard to find you a placement that fits all of your job requirements and your lifestyle.

4. We know the market

We have been working in the employment industry for over 15 years and therefore we know the ups and downs of the job market. We are able to find our associates reliable work at a competitive wage by knowing what the market demands.

5. We have additional resources to serve you!

Above and beyond placing you in a job you love we also provide added benefit by offering tools and resources to help you with every step of your career. Additionally, we focus on health and safety to ensure you are always working in a safe environment and we have extended hours so we can answer any questions you may have no matter the time of day.

Looking for work?

Don’t look any further than Breakaway Staffing! For a full list of our current job openings visit our job listing page here.