Breakaway Staffing Turns 14 Today (Founded in 2002)!

Today, August 2nd, marks Breakaway Staffing Solution’s 14th birthday! Founded in 2002, we’re proud to have been Mississauga’s agency for Transportation and Logistics employment for the last 14 years. 


Breakaway was founded in 2002 which makes us just as old as some of these classics below:

These Inventions:
Camera Phones

Camera Phones

The Roomba

The Roomba

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Technology

These classic movies:

8 mile Lord of the Rings The Two Towers The Bourne Identity

my Big Fat Greek Wedding Ice Age like mike

Chicago  spider-man harry potter

And these memorable songs:

But since Breakaway was founded in 2002 that means our agency is actually older than:

  • iTunes (2003)
  • YouTube (2005)
  • E-readers (2004)
  • Skype (2003)
  • GPS (2005)

Talk about feeling old!!

Thank you again to all of our employees, associates, and clients that have contributed to Breakaway’s success over the last 14 years.

We celebrate this birthday with you and look forward to many more!!

-Team Breakaway