Understanding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is every worker’s defense against hazards in the workplace. PPE is crucial to helping keep you safe while on the job.  Read more ›

Summer Work – Earn More Money This Summer!

Today is the first official day of summer! And with the warm weather comes changes in the workplace.

Many employees go on vacation in June, July, and August which creates opportunities for you to earn extra money this summer doing temporary/summer work! Read more ›

#FeelGoodFriday Motivational Quotes

It’s Friday and we’re celebrating with #FeelGoodFriday! We’re embracing the hashtag and want to share six motivational quotes that make us feel good and help us wrap up our week in a great mood – we hope they do the same for you! (They may even help you look forward to Monday morning!) Read more ›

How Going Outside Can Help Your Career

June is Great Outdoors Month! There are many benefits to spending time outdoors. And while many of us don’t have the opportunity to spend our full workday outside, there are ways to take a portion of your day and move it outdoors and see the benefits the great outdoors can offer us! Read more ›

Preventing Heat Stress this Summer

As summer fast approaches there are new hazards in the workplace that we must be aware of. This great weather brings new heat- related dangers for workers, the biggest of which is Heat Stress. Read more ›

Save Your Hearing – Tips for at Work & at Home

Hearing loss is not something that many of us worry about on a regular basis but there are many factors in our everyday lives that can contribute to our loss of hearing.

In honour of Save Your Hearing Day today we’ve put together a list of ways to protect your hearing at work and at home. Read more ›

Managing Allergies in the Workplace

Having allergies is the worst. And unfortunately for most of us, our allergies do not go away when we leave the house. Dealing with allergies in an environment you can’t control can be very tricky and since one of the environments we spend the most time in is our workplace we want to help you manage your allergies at work. Read more ›

Forklift Operating Jobs at Breakaway

One of the most common jobs we have at Breakaway Staffing is Forklift Operating. Forklift Operators are a crucial part of the Transportation/Logistics industry and they play a very important role in moving freight effectively and efficiently through the supply chain. Read more ›

Canada Road Safety Week – May 15th-21st

This week, May 15th-21st, is Canada Road Safety Week! This initiative is led by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police’s Traffic Safety Committee.  Read more ›

5 Tips for Grads Entering the Workforce

Are you fresh out of college/university and looking to start your career? This time of your life can be very exciting but very stressful. We’re here to make things easier with 5 tips for grads! These tips are designed to help you apply for great jobs, ace the interview, and find a career you’ll love! Read more ›