5 Job Search Tips for Recent Grads

Are you a recent grad? Did you take the summer to relax before finding a job in the real world and are now panicking as the job search starts to sink in? Do you see friends getting ready to go back to school and wonder why you can’t go with them? Don’t worry! Read more ›

6 Workplace Safety Tips for Employees

Guest post by Jordan McDowell

The best workplace safety instructions and procedures in the world won’t make a worksite safer if safety training is completed but never demonstrated and put into place. The key to a safe workplace is good communication between employer and employee as well as putting into practice proper safety techniques. Read more ›

Calling All Forklift Operators: Your Future Awaits!

Are you a certified Forklift Operator? Are you looking for a job that fits your skills, pays a fair wage, and gives you opportunities for growth? Look no further than the jobs we have available! Read more ›

Inspirational Quotes Inspired by Space

Has this week been getting you down? Have you struggled to maintain your productivity or goals? We want to share a few inspirational quotes in honour of Space Exploration Day today that help us remember that the world is much larger than us and that the problems that we face today are smaller than they may seem! Read more ›

6 Steps to Getting a Job with Breakaway: As Told Through Emojis

Emojis are how many of us communicate on a daily basis. These faces and symbols provide us with a way to convey our emotions while using the different technologies in our lives (text messaging, social media, etc).

In honour of World Emoji Day today we are going to walk you through the six steps involved in getting a job with Breakaway Staffing the best way we know how: through emojis! Read more ›

RF Scanners in Warehouses/Distribution Centres

Many warehouses/distribution companies use a device called an RF scanner to pick orders and control the flow/quantity of inventory within the organization.

But what exactly is an RF scanner and why is it so useful for industrial businesses to use this technology? We dig deeper into RF scanners in today’s blog post.

Read more ›

Goods Movement Process – From Supplier to Consumer

The movement of goods is a crucial part of our lives. Everything we buy is moved through a channel of different complex systems before it arrives in our shopping cart or at our door. Most of us don’t realize the scope of people involved in this everyday process. Read more ›

Apply these 9 First Date ‘Don’ts’ to Your Upcoming Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be scary. Making a good first impression is crucial and if it goes well it can mean a huge change in your life. Does this sound like anything else most of us do? Read more ›

Long Weekend Tips for Staying In & Going Out

The long weekend is finally here!! As we gear up to celebrate there are many things we must take into consideration.Things like: Are we going to the cottage? Going to a fireworks celebration? Or are we just going to stay in and enjoy the three day weekend?

No matter what your plans are this weekend we have great tips for you in today’s blog post. Read more ›

Understanding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is every worker’s defense against hazards in the workplace. PPE is crucial to helping keep you safe while on the job.  Read more ›