Being Respectful in the Workplace

Celebrate Respect Day today, September 18th, by practicing these 5 tips to being respectful in the workplace.

Most of us spend 40 hours of our week with our coworkers and it is important to remember that the interactions we have affect each of our lives. It is important to ensure we are being respectful in the workplace at all times.

Remember the 5 tips below for being respectful to everyone while at work.


Do Your Part

Ensure you are doing your part to carry your workload in your workplace. Don’t make others pick up the slack for you. Respect your coworkers by doing your part.

Manage Your Time

Don’t leave your coworkers waiting on you, respect your time and theirs by showing up on time, responding promptly to emails/inquiries and displaying proper time management.

Give Credit

Don’t steal credit from you coworkers. Give proper credit for your peer’s ideas/projects and show them they respect they deserve when they do a good job.

Treat Everyone Equally

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and treated equally. If you see someone being treated differently be sure to speak up to your supervisor/manager.

Have Compassion

Be respectful to other people’s lives outside of work and show compassion to your coworker in times of need.