5 Tips for Avoiding Distraction During the Holidays

Holidays in the workplace can be a major distraction. Whether you’re 10 cookies deep into a dessert tray, sharing shopping horror stories, or your favourite Christmas carol is playing the radio and you have to sing along (it’s okay, we’ve all been there), it can be REALLY easy to get distracted with holiday celebrations at work.

While it’s fun to participate in holiday traditions it can also be incredibly distracting and can take away from your productivity at work in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Below are five ways you can maintain your productivity AND your fun at work in the days leading up to the holidays!

5 Tips for Avoiding DistractionDuring the Holidays

5 Tips for Avoiding Distraction During the Holidays

Give Yourself Time 

Anticipate that you will encounter at least a few distractions per day and try to plan your day around those distractions. If possible, work as diligently as you can for certain periods of your day and leave yourself some free time when you are most likely to encounter distractions (i.e. lunch time, afternoon lull, etc). Giving yourself flexibility means that you can enjoy the holiday celebrations without worrying about getting your work done.

Work From Home

If given the opportunity try working from home one or two days a week in the weeks leading up to the holidays. Working from home will give you the chance to complete your work without distraction and then on days when you are in the workplace you have more time freed up to chat and participate in holiday traditions.

Get Your Rest 

If you don’t have the option to work at home and holiday distractions are lengthening your time spent at work then your best option is to make sure you have a proper sleep schedule. If you’re sleeping well at night then the long hours will not take as big a toll on your health or productivity at work.

Incorporate the Holidays into your Work

Just because the office is in holiday mode doesn’t mean work still can’t get done. Make the holiday lunch a working lunch or have your treats while working on your task. Try to participate in traditions without putting a complete hold on the work that needs to get done.

Embrace the Inclusive Nature of the Holidays

Use the holidays to your advantage. If a co-worker is chatting with you about the holidays take that time to have them help you with a project if they can contribute their stills appropriately. If they are able to help you get your work done faster than that offers more time to for everyone to celebrate the holidays without falling behind with productivity.

The holidays can be a difficult time at work but with the right tips and tricks you can avoid distraction during the holidays and successfully navigate this time of year at work.