7 (more) Websites to Make Life Easier

At Breakaway we’re in the business of making your life easier. We not only want to provide you with a career but we want to give you the tools to succeed in your job and on top of that we want to provide you with tools and tips to make every area of your life easier and better.

We posted a blog post a while ago that gave our readers 6 websites/apps designed to make your life easier and we want to follow that up with another 7 websites that we think can help with every area of your life. At Breakaway we not only want to provide you with a career but we want to give you the tools to succeed in your job and on top of that we want to make every area of your life easier.


1. justdelete.me

This website provides you with links to delete any of your online accounts that you no longer want. Instead of navigating to the delete page of each site justdelete.me provides you with the links so you don’t have to do the leg work!

2. retailmenot.ca

Retailmenot.ca is a wonderful resource that provides coupons and coupon codes for a large variety of Canadian retailers. Shopping online? Don’t forget to check this website before making your purchase, you may be able to get an awesome deal.

3. skyscanner.ca

This website allows you to search hotels and flights by date, price, and budget. You can search by location if you know where you want to go or search by your budget or vacation dates and see where your next vacation can take you!

4. downforeveryoneorjustme.com

Is a website not loading for you? This is a very simple website that allows you to check if that website is down for everyone or if there is a problem on your end.

5. geomidpoint.com/meet/

Need to find somewhere to meet your next client? On geomidpoint.com you put in your address and the address of the person you are meeting and it finds a great place for you to meet right in the middle. You can select from a variety of options for places to meet including restaurants, coffee shops, golf courses, movie theatres, or shopping malls.

6. agoodmovietowatch.com

Are you one of those people that can never decide what movie to watch? You spend so much time trying to decide that eventually it just gets too late to watch a movie at all… we have the solution. This website, agoodmovietowatch.com, randomly selects a highly ranked film for you to watch that you are unlikely to have seen. You can also select movies based on your mood, genre, or films currently on Netflix.

7. sleepyti.me

Need help sleeping better? This website is designed to help you do just that. Input the time you need to wake up in the morning and the site will give you 4 of the best times to fall asleep. The idea is that if you prepare to fall asleep at one of these times you will wake up in between your sleep cycles instead of in the middle of one; this makes for an easier wake up and you will feel less tired and groggy throughout the day.

We hope you can use these websites to your advantage. We want to help make every part of your life easier so we will continue to provide you with websites, apps, life hacks, etc. that will help you function better in every part of your life.

And if you’re still looking for a job, we want to help with that too! Visit our job opportunities page for all of our current job openings!