5 Steps to Leave a Job You Don’t Like

While we hope that the first job we find for you will be your home for many years we realize that this is not always the case. For one reason or another you may not be happy with the job you are currently doing. If that’s the case then don’t worry, we can help you find other employment! However, there is a right and wrong way to leave a job you don’t like. 

We are dedicated to helping you find employment that fits your lifestyle. If you are unhappy in your current place of employment then we will help you find a workplace that you enjoy. However, there are steps that must be taken when you are looking to leave a job that you do not enjoy.

Please follow the 5 steps below to ensure we can help you find work that better suits your needs.

leave a job

5 Ways to Leave a Job You Don’t Like

1.Contact Breakaway

If you are feeling unhappy in your current position the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do is contact us! We can help you solve any issues and move you on to a new position if that’s what you’d like to do.

2. Work the Entire Shift

The best way to end your relationship with a company on good terms is to work your full shift. Leaving abruptly is not the solution.

3.  Sign In/Out for Your Shift

We are better able to help you find a new job opportunity if you have followed all required procedures at your place of employment. Make sure you sign in and out for your shift therefore we can ensure you get paid and move you on to your next great opportunity!

4. Share Your Concerns

Sharing your concerns about your current workplace with us is important for multiple reasons: 1) we can address those concerns with the company to make sure the issue does not continue and 2) we can ensure your next placement is at a company where these concerns will not arise.

5. We Help You Find Work

It is our hope that we can help you find work that you enjoy. If you are not happy in your current employment then we will do everything in our power to help you find a workplace that fits your lifestyle/needs and makes you happy.

If you’re looking for your next new job opportunity you can find a full list of our current job openings here.