5 Tips for Grads Entering the Workforce

Are you fresh out of college/university and looking to start your career? This time of your life can be very exciting but very stressful. We’re here to make things easier with 5 tips for grads! These tips are designed to help you apply for great jobs, ace the interview, and find a career you’ll love!


5 Tips for Grads Entering the Workforce

1.Network, Network, Network

Now is the time to utilize your connections you made at school. Use school resources, friends, and acquaintances to help make connections that can lead to work.

During this time it is best to Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles and network like there’s no tomorrow.

2. Decide What You Want to Do

Still undecided about your career path? There is no time like the present to decide what path you want to follow.

And there is no better place to start your search than our Breakaway Job Board.

3. Write a Killer Resume

The first step to getting in front of a hiring manager is to put all of your amazing skills into one great resume. There are many ways to write a resume but try these tips for a simple process to writing a resume that is sure to get your phone ringing.

4. Prepare for the Job Interview

With a killer resume you’re surely be called for an interview. Whether this interview is in-person or in a different format, there are simple tricks to acing the interview and securing your new job!

5. Prepare for the New Job

A successful job interview will hopefully lead to a job offer! You’re well on your way to the career of your dreams – the last stop is preparing to enter into the workforce and we have the 10 tips you’ll need when starting your new job!

Already started a new job?
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