5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Cover Letter

Everyone knows they need to have an impressive resume to stand out when applying for a job, but what about the cover letter? Some companies require it, some recommended it, and many hiring managers say they don’t even read it. So what do you do when it comes to the cover letter? And how can you create a letter that will stand out, force the hiring manager to pay attention, and land you your next job? 

Cover letters are a great way to put yourself ahead of the crowd. If one is not required when applying to an open position, including a cover letter could be a great way to stand out and provide the hiring manager with even more information about what you can bring to their company.

But how do you write a letter that will pair nicely with your resume and help you land the job?

These 5 steps below (courtesy of a few of the greatest career advice sites around) will give you all of the information you need to create the perfect cover letter.

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Cover Letter

cover letter

Step 1: The Format

This article from LiveCareer outlines exactly how to write a great cover letter from beginning to end.


Step 2: Examples

If you’re more of a visual learner take a look at this cover letter example from Monster, it’ll show you exactly how to outline your own letter.


Step 3: Content

The link in step 1 will provide you with exactly what type of content to mention in your cover letter, but what if the employer wants to know about salary? Use these tips from Careerealism to address salary requirements in your letter.


Step 4: Edit

Once you’ve written the first draft of your cover letter be sure to edit it down to exactly what you want to say – free of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Then adopt these 3 editing secrets from The Muse to ensure a perfect cover letter.


Step 5: Edit again

Once you think you’ve finished editing you letter, edit it again and remove these 4 statements if you’ve included them. (Courtesy of LiveCareer)


Once you’ve edited and removed all unnecessary content from your letter it is time to send it, and your resume, off to the hiring manager! Follow the 5 steps above and you’ll have a cover letter that will impress any future employer!