5 C’s Job Seekers Look for in a New Employer

In part because of the growing struggle for a proper work-life balance there are more factors that each new job seeker must consider before making the decision the apply to or accept a job with a new company. Below are 5 C’s that job seekers today look for in a new employer.

The 5 C’s Job Seekers Look for in a New Employer

1. Culture

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A new job is about more than just the job description. Job seekers want to know what type of people they’ll be working with, what type of environment they’re stepping into, and whether or not the company offers additional non-compensational benefits such as flexible hours, the ability to working from home, company outings, etc. Company culture is crucial to job seekers that are looking to find a company that fits with their lifestyle and their need for a comfortable work-life balance.

2. Compensation


Job seekers will alway look for proper compensation when considering taking a new job opportunity. With many seekers coming out of college/university with student debt it is important for them to be able to find a job that is offering a competitive salary and benefits. As work cultures change, proper compensation will always be a large deciding factor for job seekers when choosing a new employer.

3. Career Path


When applying for any position job seekers are looking for advancement opportunities within the company. Job seekers want to know that if they are going to commit to a new position at a new company that the company will have opportunities for growth in the future. A lack of growth opportunity can make a job seeker hesitant to apply to a company just as a company would be hesitant to hire a job hopper – there needs to be an understanding that devotion to a position will come with increased career opportunities in the future.

4. Clear Leadership


Lack of leadership within a company can dissuade job seekers from applying for a position with a company. A clear sense of leadership and direction  can help to ease job seeker hesitation about starting a new job. Having leaders and mentors within the company can also help to show the job seeker that there are training/learning opportunities and room for growth (see above).

5. Company Value & Vision


When apply to a new position most job seekers want to ensure that the company they’re applying to has views/values that align with theirs. A proper indication of company values and vision can help a job seeker decide if their own values match those of the company and if they would be a good fit for the position.

One way that job seekers will determine the values of the company (as well as the company culture) is through online reviews. Reviews are the easiest way for a job seeker to determine a company’s reputation and to decide whether they can align themselves with this new employer. If a job seeker sees negative reviews from current/past employees or a company vision they do not agree with they may not even consider applying for a position with that company.

In Conclusion

The 5 C’s listed above are important to job seekers when looking for a new employer. With an increased focus on work-life balance it is crucial that job seekers find employers that align with their career path, leadership expectations, ideas of company cultures and visions, and provide them with proper compensation/benefits. Each of these 5 factors contribute to how likely a job seeker is to apply for or accept a new position with any given company.