Monthly Archives: March 2017

Spring Cleaning Your Career Vocabulary

It is officially spring! And with spring comes Spring Cleaning! While you may need to clean your house, car, etc. as a start to spring cleaning, we’ve put our own spin on the season and offer a few suggestions for ‘cleaning’

Common Courtesy Poetry

Today is both Common Courtesy Day and World Poetry Day so we thought we’d use both as an influence for today’s blog post and offer a few of our favourite poems designed to inspire us to be more courtesy.

March Break Vacation Tips

Are you one of the lucky ones going on vacation for March Break next week? Check out these articles, they’ll help you get everything in order before your vacation, make the most of your time off, and get you back

Examining the Gender Wage Gap

One of the major challenges women face in the workplace is unequal pay. The gender wage gap in the Canadian workplace is an issue that every working woman faces.