Life Lessons from 2017 Golden Globe Winning Films

In honour of the Golden Globe Awards last night we’ve put together a list of (spoiler-free) life lessons from a few of this year’s winning films.

5 Life Lessons from 2017 Golden Globe Winning Films

1. People will accept you for who you are if you let them


Moonlight was a fantastic example of the ways people put up walls around themselves and are hesitate to pull them down for anyone. But if you are able to show people your true self they will respond to that and accept you for who you really are.



2. Don’t give up on your dreams


La La Land is a wonderful example of the struggles one can encounter when trying to pursue their dreams. It is not always easy to stay focused on a goal and your journey can come with a series of ups and downs but commitment to succeeding in something you are passionate about is well worth the struggle.


Bonus La La Land Lesson (because the film won every award it was nominated for):

3. People will care about the things you are passionate about

This is something that is mentioned in the film and it is also very relevant to our everyday lives. If you are passionate about the things you do everyday others will sense that and respond accordingly. If you live your life being passionate and excited about your work and/or your hobbies the people around you will have no choice but to be excited as well, and this leads to a happier life.

4. You need to make your own peace however you can

golden globe

One of the most heartbreaking films of the year, Manchester By the Sea, taught us this lesson. While it can be difficult to wrestle with your past or break out of bad habits, it is important to live your life in whatever way makes you happiest. If there is something you ‘can’t beat’ it is important that you make the best of your situation in whichever way possible that allows you to live the most fulfilled life.

5. Don’t judge a book by its cover


The winner for Best Animated Film, Zootopia, reminded us of this classic life lesson. This animated movie touched on issues of race, privilege, and class and did a great job of teaching kids these valuable lessons. It is something we forget in our day to day lives but it is so easy to judge someone based off of appearance or first glace, without truly giving them a chance. And while this movie may have been geared towards children, it is a lesson that all of us can stand to remember as we embark on the world each day.