Monthly Archives: October 2016

How to Deal with a Cranky Co-Worker


Today is Cranky Co-Worker Day; no one likes having to deal with a cranky or disgruntled co-worker so we’ve put together a list of articles to help you work well with your co-workers no matter what mood they’re in and work to become

Emotional Intelligence & Your Career Success


Many studies have been conducted on the factors that lead to career success. Are individuals with more education, high intelligence, or extensive training more likely to rise in their chosen career and ultimately become more successful? Research suggests that one of

Applying Empathy to the Workplace


Today is Conflict Resolution Day. There are many ways to resolve conflict in the workplace and it takes the work of both employees and employers to ensure any internal conflict is resolved swiftly and effectively. But how can we prevent

The Dangers of Cash Work for Employees & Employers


One question that we are asked all the time at Breakaway is: “Do you pay cash for your work?” The answer to this question is NO! We have a payroll department within Breakaway that does an amazing job of paying all