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Social Media Profiles & Your Career


Social media can be a huge asset to your career – from your job search to your workplace there is an overwhelming focus on social media sites. This can be a wonderful thing when searching for a career but if

8 (More) Websites Designed to Make Your Life Easier


In the past we’ve provided readers with blog posts like ‘Skill Development Websites’, ‘6 Websites Designed to Make Life Easier’, and ‘7 (More) Websites Designed to Make Life Easier’, all designed to provide you with websites you can use to simplify

Heat Stress Prevention


This week is going to be a hot one! As we enter into the hottest months of the year and deal with daily heat warnings Heat Stress becomes a larger hazard in the workplace. Use our guide below (based on information

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Cover Letter

5 Steps (2)

Everyone knows they need to have an impressive resume to stand out when applying for a job, but what about the cover letter? Some companies require it, some recommended it, and many hiring managers say they don’t even read it.

5 C’s Job Seekers Look for in a New Employer


In part because of the growing struggle for a proper work-life balance there are more factors that each new job seeker must consider before making the decision the apply to or accept a job with a new company. Below are 5 C’s

Refer Breakaway & Receive a $25 Gift Card!

Refer workers to Breakaway & receive a $25 gift card!

Are you looking for work or know someone who is? We need full-time, part-time, and on-call workers! Refer your friends to Breakaway Staffing and receive a $25 referral gift card.

6 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before a Job Interview

6 Tips to Calm Your (1)

Almost all of us get nervous before a job interview. Interviews are a crucial part of the job search process where you have to convince the employer that you’re the one they should hire – the pressure can be nerve-wracking! It’s