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LinkedIn Profile Tips


LinkedIn, a social networking site perfect for job seekers and master networkers. Countless career websites will tell you that it is crucial to be on LinkedIn when looking for a new job. But where do you start? How do you dive

Work Environment – Warehouse Office vs. Separate Office


Applying for an office job within the Transportation and Logistics industry can mean a variety of things. You could be doing data entry, customer service, dispatching, coding, accounting, or all of the above depending on the job you’ve applied for

Breakaway Executive Search Corp.


Along with the staffing positions we offer at Breakaway Staffing Solutions we also offer candidates management-level job opportunities with our executive branch, Breakaway Executive Search Corp.

Spring Cleaning Your Resume


Spring is coming and with that comes spring cleaning. If you’re a job seeker the first thing on your spring cleaning list should be your resume! Clean up the 8 sections of your resume listed below and spring into a

5 March Break Activities to Benefit Your Career

5 March Break Activities that will Benefit Your Career

This week is March Break! If you’re lucky enough to have this week off to spend with your family then I’m sure you have the whole week planned out full of exciting activities. And while this week should be dedicated

Gender Wage Gap

gender wagesquare

Based on a report released yesterday from Oxfam Canada and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives the gender wage gap in Canada is at 72%.

Workplace Pains and Strains

Workplace (1)

It is important for all workers to remember the risk of injury involved in your workplace and work toward keeping yourself and your co-workers safe while on the job.