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Work Environment – Crossdock vs. Warehouse

Governador Jaques Wagner inaugura Centro de Distribuição Regional do Grupo Martins em Camaçari
Foto: Manu Dias/AGECOM

Earlier this week we published the blog post ‘Forklift Operators Wanted’. This post detailed the types of forklift work we have available at Breakaway and how you could go about applying for one of these positions. While our job postings outline

Forklift Operators Wanted


Companies in the Transportation and Logistics industry need a variety of workers to keep their operation running and to keep all of our goods and materials moving. One of the roles that most companies are looking to fill is Forklift

Workplace Acts of Kindness


World Kindness Day has us thinking about taking time out of our day and dedicating it to making someone else’s life better. There’s no reason that we have to limit our kindness to one day a year, we should all

Long Weekend Job Search


Take this long weekend to do something for your future: work on your job search and find yourself a new job!

Causes of the Driver Shortage


There’s been a lot of discussion around the truck driver shortage. There are countless articles about how many spots the industry needs to fill (and how that number will keep rising in the coming years), and how we can go about

Lessons We Can Learn from Football

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With Superbowl 50 right around the corner all eyes are on the NFL and the two teams competing to take home the big prize. While this weekend’s football game will be full of exciting plays, stunning half time shows, and amazing

Achieving a Work-Life Balance


Many people find it difficult to achieve a good work-life balance. A work-life balance is the idea of being able to juggle the demands of one’s life and prioritize your job (or ‘work life’) and your lifestyle (or ‘home life’)