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Superficial VS. Consequential Interview Tips


The Huffington Post published an article last week titled “Prepare For a Job: Not for an Interview”. This article was geared toward recent graduates about to embark on their careers – which means they will be going on a lot

Automation & the Transportation Industry


There has been a large amount of discussion surrounding issues affecting the Transportation industry, and more specifically the driver shortage. The shortage shows no signs of slowing down with an entire industry trying to figure out the best way to

10,000 Hour Rule


In 2008 Malcolm Gladwell published a book entitled Outliers: The Story of Success. In this book he repeatedly mentions an idea known as the 10,000-hour rule. This rule states that in order to achieve world-class expertise in any given skill

Breakaway Jingle


Today we had a wonderful gift bestowed on us by one of our very own associates. Patrick was kind enough to write a Breakaway jingle!! We knew something was missing here at Breakaway and it turns out it was a

10 Tips for Starting a New Job


Yesterday, Breakaway’s Worker Wednesday gave our readers career tips and advice by the numbers. Today we want to continue that trend with 10 tips for starting a new job. These are simple tips designed to help you navigate the tricky

Exciting Opportunity-General Labour


Our #1 goal at Breakaway Staffing is to find you a job. Whether you are looking for your next career move, looking to pick up a second job, or you are a College/University student looking for a part-time job to

The Driver Shortage


The Shortage Current, there is a large driver shortage in Canada. Drivers account for 82% of the trucking sectors workforce and these drivers move more than 90% of all consumer goods in Canada. There is never going to be a

Social Media & the Job Search


Over the past few years social media sites have dominated our online landscape. Studies show that over 62% of Canadians are on at least 1 social media platform and 79% of Canadians between the ages of 16-24 are on social

Creating Your Perfect Resume

10 Resources for Creating Your Best Resume

Your resume is the golden ticket of your job search process. If you don’t have a great one that stands out then you’re just another kid that doesn’t get to see the candy factory.Whether you’re just starting out with a

Technology & the Job Search

World-Wide-Web (1)

It’s 2015, you’re probably reading this on your phone and have a hard time remembering a time when we didn’t have an overwhelming amount of information available at our fingertips. Technology plays a huge part in everything we do, and