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Pam’s Perfect Resume


Today we are going to talk about resumes. You may have seen our last post about our recruiting process and are now interested in submitting a resume to Breakaway.

Breakaway’s Recruiting Process


You’re looking for a job. Through your job search you have found Breakaway Staffing and were led to this post but you haven’t submitted a resume to our agency. Why is that? I believe it is because of the great unknown.

Internal Theft in Warehousing

Test Image

The retail industry has the highest rates of internal theft of any industry in Canada. But what goes on before those products make their way to the retail stores? Internal theft in warehouse/distribution centres is a growing concern. Theft at

The History of Recruiting


Recruiting has been a part of society dating back hundreds and hundreds of years, but the rise of the recruitment agency is one that happened not so long ago.